Thank you for sharing this. My nephew is trans and it has amazed me how many people worry about his health because of GAC who never worried about him when they didn't know about his need for GAC. But as an Occupational Health and Safety professional (retired now, thank goodness), I saw the type of argument laid out here many times. 'The thing I am familiar with and like has tolerable risk, but the thing you do that I don't like or understand is unacceptable.' Fear the hazardous waste site, but don't fear smoking. Fear the chemicals in sunscreen, but don't fear skin cancer. I used to remind those people that their individual mileage may vary and they didn't know when the bigger risk was going to bite them and it didn't matter that they were friendly with that risk. It would bite them just as badly if they didn't know about it all. They could only prevent the bite if they tried to understand it and take precautions. Ignoring a thing or actively working against knowing about it is not a precaution.

At any rate, thank you again.

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Thank you for that perspective, which puts it very nicely. And thank you as always for reading and engaging :)

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